Redness and infection of nails

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icon-150x150A key role in protecting the cuticle nails

Unfortunately, today one of the most common measures on nails and toes done at the hairdresser, manicure and pedicure are usually during this process, in particular by electric drills shaved smooth nail surface layer of protective tissue around the nail and the cuticle around it is shelled or around the nails driven as much as possible. While not bad to know a key role in protecting the nail and cuticle tissue

In fact, nail and cuticle tissue help tissues view nail, the fungus as well as germs and allergens around it were not protected and it can be easily exposed nail infections and are more easily exposed to allergens to be exposed.

In most of those who try to do manicure and pedicure nail, irritation or allergic dermatitis types are observed. In addition, removing the cuticle can cause ingrown lines cross in one or more nails or make them cross the white lines.

Removing the surface layers of the nail by shaving or using chemical solvents such as acetone frequent cause excessive fragility of the nail. In addition, wipe nails and the nails from the bottom of the screen with sharp objects or chemicals used can cause separation of nails from the hospital. The separation of the nail from the nail bed in people with artificial or acrylic nails are the most commonly seen. In addition, the impact and cuticle around the nail and removing it causes viral warts.