Important Tips Before You Sleep

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Women than men have a greater need to sleep more than men need it to relax, read and have more and more time devoted to sleep.

Researchers at the University La Ferrari in the UK confirmed that women have to be able to function normally need to sleep more than men are.

But because many men may not like:

The brain more women than men work during the day, and this means taking more time need to re-energize.
Yes According to the survey, women are more complex brain (as they are!) And can focus on working together Several have (a woman driving, talking about last night’s party and at the same moment a pedestrian shoes who also liked its color accuracy, though that eats sweets also should not be ignored!) and at the same time in different situations and respond appropriately be flexible.


The only problem is that lack of sleep is considered a major threat to their health and, unfortunately, most women sleep less.
What’s the solution?¬†Whenever you’re tired and go to bed whenever you come out perfectly rested.


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