The edible acne worse


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Acne every part of the face, it represents a core member

You probably Acne always made a point of showing off their face. For some of the forehead, to others on the chin, cheeks and nose appear to some.


According to experts anywhere on the face, body, and each member represent the fusion of these points sounded the alarm about the status of its members.

Acne on the cheeks can also occur due to hormonal changes. Breakouts at this point of the face is more often during ovulation women 

Acne on the forehead: gastrointestinal find

Acne that is glaring on the forehead represents the digestive tract are. Probably after eating pizza at dinner, while the night before you’ve eaten a greasy sandwich acne on your forehead appear more or less striking.

Fatty and sugary foods you eat with pleasure and you pay for it gives the digestive system and of course your face. Acne on the forehead suggest that the digestive system to digest the fats you eat is trouble.

If you do not want to re eyes to the beauty of this pesky Acne on the forehead is on the side of the street with a local fast food retail skip all.