How to lose weight without dieting 7 kg

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Between true and false personal hunger to help you know whether your body really needs food at this point or is something else.Emotional

Emotional hunger usually occurs suddenly and with craving and eating a variety of course types.

In addition to the actual physical hunger occurs because the body needs essential nutrients to other types of hunger there are also more subjective than the actual requirement the body. In this way, the stress, boredom and psychological problems, creates a false sense of hunger and drive us to consume food and gradually leads to obesity and other problems. We will review together 8 different types of hunger.

Hunger caused by the body’s actual need for food

Hunger is the body’s response to food shortages and symptoms such as low blood sugar, heart, irritability, headaches, stomach growls sound and vibration body (in case of severe hunger) occurs. The most important thing is that the right foods to eat regularly throughout the day so your blood sugar does not fall during the day to petite eating not drawn. Normal body to eliminate hunger and prevent symptoms, especially fruits such as apples and weaknesses better than a healthy snacks like nuts, so do not trouble occurs to you.

Stress-induced hunger

Different people react differently to stress. Some people cannot eat when they are stressed. But others are suffering from overeating. When you’re under stress and make sure you eat a lot pulled into what kind of food you get! Most of the chocolate and sweets and French fries, etc. Are used. Usually when the brain is under stress are more likely to show appetizing food. The research results were published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology shows that most people experience stress when they have no bodies need food to eat because they like the work they do is a relaxing activity.

Hunger, fatigue and malaise

Need to eat to starve in the event of unemployment arising from the boredom said. We all suffer from monotony and routine when we need to fill our time. Most of these people fill up your time with food. But we recommend in this case, instead of going to the fridge to other tasks such as walking, reading, talking with family members and friends etc to pay.

Hunger for entertainment

If your desk is full of odds and ends and snacks will undoubtedly suffer from this type of hunger. In fact, you find yourself without being noticed while working with food and junk food at will. This may also occur when watching TV or working with computers. According to an article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition the amount of calories than the body needs will be and in the end, or watch a movie, feeling of heaviness will have more than enough.

Emotional hunger

Many people, when experiencing intense emotions such as anger, anxiety, sadness, depression and sadness are starting to eat that can be hazardous to your health. Results of research that has been conducted at Ohio State University show America how people feel hungry in the consumption of fatty and sugary snacks such as improper food drives. In this case, open a bag of chips, cookies and a variety of snacks. The best way to anger and other emotions as well.

Hunger for the gala

If you do not have this hunger when, for example, birthday or retirement party gather more careful in work starts. These days such events at work or university institutes and a variety of pastries and pizzas etc. Etc. Bob has also served in it. In the event that you are without hunger all food that is to your liking and perhaps until the last slice of pizza and a gala meal and caught hunger for sure.

Visual hunger

You have heard that a full stomach, but remain hungry eyes? No doubt sees a delicious food and great decorations and colorful desserts also cause this type of hunger. The fact is that this type of hunger is also very difficult to deal with. Sometimes the eyes even of a few numbers last cookie in the bottom of the container also and do not stop until you are encouraged to complete it. If you do not want to upset fit for this type of hunger is best to ask yourself whether you’re really hungry or not! If you’re really hungry. If hunger a biscuit or two to get up and leave the main course.

Hunger before menstruation

Before the onset of menstruation when women, especially consumer desire to eat sweets become severe. This appetite is caused by hormonal changes that desire to consume sweet snacks, fatty, salty, etc. Increases. You cannot ignore the appetite and cravings to eat. It is better to know that consumption of sweets and fatty substances worsen premenstrual symptoms is high during this period. So it is better to eat a cup of yogurt with fruit or raisins and a little dark chocolate and fresh fruits were not sufficient.