Gazelle Enayat, New Song,

Recreation and entertainment for people of different countries are in different stages of social development, different themes.

Basically, if the “young” philosophy of look, it can be said, is his youth leisure time and place. It is natural that the passionate and filled with desire, youth recreation and pleasure is evil. The number of clients increases every year as the world’s entertainment industry and research center of global market studies indicate that by 2010 income year and the media entertainment industry will form a point eight trillion dollars.

It showed, in addition to referring to the increasing tendency of the world to recreation and entertainment, their ability to spend large sums entertainment market is clear. But we can guess that in Tajikistan, a country where people are grappling with economic and social problems, not as much as the developed world entertainment market prosperity.

According to the different cultural domination of the Roman culture in Tajikistan, entertainment, a phenomenon that is more social aspects, economics. Music, cinema, theater, sport, TV, computer games or other parts of the leisure industry all remain in place, but the country’s low standard of living conditions for the development of this part of the entertainment less Provide.

Romantic dinner with husband Terry is a fascinating hobby for housewives. Some urban girls prefer their leisure time to spend with boyfriend or friends in coffee shops. Village girls are deprived of the chance.

Before the start of the civil war in Tajikistan youth is the most important part was going to the movies. But now the movies have faded and most of them are closed. Most videos of smuggling and quality is not acceptable. Moreover, the videos can be watched on compact disc image in the family environment. The other film is a recreation of Tajik youth.

Boys popular recreational sport that is not common among girls and Physical Education lessons in schools and universities is limited.

But the boys have better luck this time. Tajikistan is now in its 31 sport clubs and federation football, athletics, boxing, taekwondo and wrestling are active. Of course, there is a small number of urban girls in the clubs a good time.

For rural boys soccer and wrestling of the most popular types is voluptuous. But the most common hobby among rural girls, here and there sit down together and talk and play with little mobility of the body.

These types of young traditional leisure Tajikistan. But in the big cities of Tajikistan are young people who understand the concept of leisure is quite Western. They were from wealthy families, could pay 20somoni (about six dollars) to set up their entertainment in discos and night clubs are wide Tajikistan. But certainly not for the majority of this possibility, because the monthly minimum wage of six dollars in this country.