Holakouee doctor – the one-child injury and child in old age

The couple lives together should be a priority. You’re two people with the most time and energy together

You spend, you are together all your life, you are that your body duet partners get together, you’re two kids together to share and contribute up, you’re two and a half billion middle of the three women and have chosen another man.

Your parents should you prioritize each other’s bodies. Sister and brother, you should also give priority to his wife. Every human being must wife, his family and have priorities. And no objection from anyone, for anyone who does not respect the priorities.

It is true that everyone has his own place and this place on a priority basis and so is Lee. All the people in your life, but you’re also responsible for feeding the neighbor kids. Maybe you want to help him, but he’s not your responsibility.

I know exactly the terms of the interconnectedness that one act of our cultural disease usually causes and origins of the family take precedence