Hair straightening

icon-150x150 1Hair straightening is when a person makes their hair straight. Their hair may be curly, wavy, or almost straight. There are methods to make even very curly hair straight.

There are two different types of straightening: temporary and permanent. Temporary hair straightening keeps the hair straight until it gets wet or damp again, so only lasts for up to a few days. Permanent hair straightening keeps the hair straight for up to a few months, even when the hair gets wet.

A person can temporarily straighten their hair using:

  • Hair irons, tongs, use heat to make the hair straight.
  • Hot combs, combs that use heat to make the hair straight
  • Hairdryer, a machine that blows air over the hair to dry it quickly, so that combs can be used to style the hair straight.
  • Hair creams, creams that help hold the hair in place more, but do not completely straighten the hair.

A person can permanently straighten their hair using:

  • Chemical relaxers
  • Japanese hair straightening
  • Brazilian hair straightening
  • Brazilian blowout

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