Predict longevity gene

icon-150x150 1Gene and its effect on the longevity of the new study, researchers in this latest research results will notify you to learn more about it
Genetic differences among individuals, they affect the life span, a new study whose results were published in the journal Cell
Systems, scientists showed that the patterns of gene expression in youth may also be differences in longevity predicted.
Researchers studying African turquoise qualifiers that have the shortest lifespan among vertebrates, found that when the genes involved in cellular energy production are less active young age, the animals tend to have a longer life.

Italian and German researchers to study gene expression in small biopsy samples from the fins of the fish were taken at different times of his life, and analysis of data, based on the life of the fish they were divided into groups. Even in favorable conditions, this type of fish more than 4 to 12 months old do not.

The researchers found that lower activity of genes responsible for cell respiration in the mitochondria of cells, is a process that happens and the oxygen to burn glucose and produce energy is more associated with a lifetime-a young month.

Scientists using a natural toxin called retention at the doses are too low, the first stage of cellular respiration proteins that were involved (mitochondrial respiratory chain complex number 1) were inhibited, the result of this work was to extend the life of fish.

While more information is needed to apply these findings to humans, researchers say mitochondrial function with age in humans and fish, killifish reduced. Until now it was thought that improving mitochondrial function helps to improve the health of older people. However, the results from this study suggested a much more complicated scenario because partial inhibition of mitochondrial function as a contrast, has beneficial effects on longevity.

Researchers say these results may be due to a slight inhibition of cell respiration to produce small amounts of free radicals that harm cells, but also can stimulate a positive effect and lead to a positive adaptive response. The mechanism of adjustment after stress “hormesis” is and have recently been shown that the positive effects of physical activity dependent mechanisms of hormesis in humans that can be eliminated with anti-oxidant treatments.

The study shows that the effects of aging on mitochondria may be a compensatory response to a response that is causing problems. The results of this research to develop strategies to improve the health of older people and prevent age-related diseases is important. It is interesting that there are drugs that have FDA certified and can prevent mitochondrial protein complex at number one. Metformin is one of the drugs prescribed to treat diabetes, and has recently been shown to increase lifespan in mice.

The researchers say: According to information obtained, we believe we are suspicious about the effect of metformin treatment effects due to metformin inhibits mitochondrial complex is an issue not only because of its anti-diabetic function.

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