Ways to deal with heat stroke

icon-150x150 1The human body normally cools itself warm mechanisms such as sweating, but sometimes sweating is not enough. In these cases, body temperature rises rapidly and mankind’s suffering from heat-related illnesses. Increased humidity also affects the body’s ability to cope with the heat
In wet weather, perspiration does not evaporate quickly and does not allow the body to quickly get rid of the heat. In addition to moisture, special physical conditions also play a role in the incidence of heat-related illnesses.

Such as age, obesity, fever, certain medications and alcohol.
All people need to know what those most at risk from heat, heatstroke symptoms to know and learn ways to deal with it. In total, the elderly, infants and children under 2 years, people experienced mental illness and chronic, more than others at risk. If young people stay healthy long hours in extreme heat, are at risk.
 And the ways to prevent danger from the extreme heat:

Drink plenty of fluids in hot weather, regardless of your activity level, drink more fluids. Should not wait until thirsty. When doing physical exercise in hot weather, every hour drink 4-2 glasses of cool fluids containing alcohol or sugar drinks but consume excessively. Do not drink too cold fluids such as stomach pain.
Minerals to replace:
Heavy sweating causes the withdrawal of salts and minerals from the body. These materials are essential for the body and must be replenished. If you exercise in hot weather, sports drinks can make up for lost body salts. If you are following a special diet before taking these drinks, you should consult your doctor.
Wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen, check:
In the heat as much as possible, wear light colored, loose and light clothing. Outside of your home from the sun to be protected. Brimmed hats, sunglasses and sunscreens with SPF appropriate use (15 and up) a great helper. Skin sunscreen half an hour before leaving home.3. Against diseases caused by the heat. If your home does not have air conditioning, watches the day go out of the house and in well-ventilated areas.

If you’re at home, cold shower, a good help to cope with the heat. Far less gas as much as possible and use to stay cool house.
Help others and ask their help:

If you work warmly, consider the following conditions, your colleagues and ask them to consider your situation. The intense heat causes the person to be confused and lose consciousness.

People at risk of control:
Anyone can develop at any age, but the risk for people 65 years and older and children under 2 years of age, obese patients or patients with mental problems and heart disease, and hypertension are more vulnerable to heat. The more people click and consider the following signs of heat stroke. Any sudden change in ambient temperature stressful to the body. Try to help your body get used to the temperature of your environment. If you wish to travel to hot zones, your body will gradually get used to the conditions.
Never leave children in cars:

Even when the weather is not so hot, the temperature inside the car rises rapidly and is at risk. Everyone in the car remains at risk, especially children and babies. Even if the window was open, not shut them inside the car.
Do not eat hot food and heavy as possible:
This makes the body more hot.
Be aware of signs of heat exhaustion: 
In case of these symptoms, get help quickly to yourself or others.