Sculpting Workout for a Beautiful Back and Shoulders

Now’s the time to focus on sculpting a sexy upper body and banish the back fat. All you need are a few good exercises that target your shoulders in addition to creating a strong and sexy back. Remember, just because you can’t see what’s behind you, doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Check out the workout video above OR these highly effective and challenging exercises below to give you a to-die-for back and shoulders.

1. Arnold Presses: Unlike traditional shoulder presses, this version adds a little more of a challenge. Sit on a bench and hold a dumbbell in each hand, but with your palms facing in towards you. As you press the weights up, rotate your hands so they end up facing the other way. When you lower the weights back down, rotate them again so they are back at your shoulders and facing you. Learn more here.

arnold press skinnymom brooke griffin all

2. Front Raise: Here’s a twist on the traditional front raise that will target your rear deltoids. Grab a body bar or other type of weighted bar with an underhand grip. Slowly raise the bar up to about shoulder height, keeping your arms as straight as possible. Hold it a second before lowering your arm down. Check it out.

Front Raise Upright

3. Upright Rows: You have many options when it comes to upright rows. You can use dumbbells, a bar or the cable machine with a bar attachment on it. Hold the bar or weight down in front of your legs and then slowly bring your elbows up to shoulder height. Make sure to keep your hands close to your body. You don’t want the arms to go out and up, but rather straight up and down from the starting position. Read more here!

brooke griffin doing an upright dumbbell row

4. Pull-ups: Before you go crazy, there are many ways to do pull-ups if you aren’t able to do them — yet. You can use an assisted pull-up machine or place a heavy duty elastic band under your feet and anchored to the bar. The resistance from the band will provide a little extra help to pull yourself up to the bar. Another option is to do inverted rows where you lie underneath a bar (make sure it is sturdy), hold it with an overhand grip and then pull your chest up to the bar. Any of these work to build a strong, sleek back and will eliminate back fat over time.

woman doing a pull up

5. Renegade Rows: This exercise will work your shoulders, your back and your core. Get into pushup position while holding a weight in each hand. Alternate one arm rows while maintaining that perfect plank position. Be careful not to rotate your body as you perform the row. Keep your legs wide to prevent that from happening. Focus on squeezing your rear delighted with every lift. Click here for step-by-step photos.

Plank Row

6. Lateral Pull-Down: Grab the overhead bar of a lateral pull-down machine with a wide grip, sit in the seat with your feet firmly planted on the floor and then pull the bar towards your chest while squeezing your shoulder blades together. You will want to hold it for a second before bringing the bar back up. Make sure you are not leaning too far back in the seat and you are focusing on using your back and not your biceps to bring the bar towards you. If you don’t have access to a machine, you can hold a resistance band above your head with tight resistance and bend your elbows as you lower the band to your chest and squeezing your shoulder blades.

woman doing a lateral pull down at the gym

7. Rear Delt Raises: Here’s another one that works your shoulders and your upper back at the same time. You can either sit or stand for these (sitting is more challenging). Hold a weight in each hand and bend your body at the hips with slightly bent knees and a straight back. The weights should be hanging down in front of you. Slowly raise your arms up and to the side as if you were making a “T” and until they are even with your shoulders. A slight bend in your elbow is okay, but you don’t want too much of one. Check it out here!

standing rear delt raise

Many of these exercises works your shoulders and back at once making them a great routine for a shoulder and back workout. A good tip is to warm up on a rowing machine for a few minutes to get the blood flowing through those muscles. Make sure you use weights that are challenging. If you’re able to do 12-15 reps, you should probably go a little heavier on your next set. You don’t want to linger with the same weight for too long. However, proper form takes precedence over everything, so don’t increase any of the weight until you’re comfortable performing the exercise. Add these shoulder and back exercises to your routine, and before you know it, your upper body is going to be making quite a statement in those tank tops.

From: skinny mom